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20-Aug-2017 01:29

He said it should come out naturally on the toilet and then he said 'I'm really sorry I have work early in the morning' and he shot off.'My housemate didn't believe me at first but when I began to get upset she realised I wasn't taking the mickey.'The pair rushed to Worthing Hospital and while at A&E Emily scribbled her predicament on a piece of paper and handed it to the receptionist.

Emily said: 'I didn't fancy saying it across the reception desk so asked for a pen and paper.'The receptionist said it happens a lot more often than you think and said she'd heard worse.'Emily was assessed and then went for an x-ray which showed just high up the sex aid had gone.

Emily from East Preston, West Sussex, said: 'We were having a naughty night-in last March and decided to use the toy - I'd never used one before.'I think he got too excited and managed to push the end of it in too.

It was a goner.'I began to panic and told him I needed to go to hospital.

Emily now wants to raise awareness and urge anyone in a similar predicament to seek medical attention.

Emily said: 'If anyone is in the same situation I would advise to obviously try and get it out yourself first but then definitely take yourself straight to the hospital if you can.'It's not as embarrassing as it seems - people at A&E see things like this all the time and will have seen far worse things up people's rectums.'The hospital staff were amazing - they were so funny and never once made me feel uncomfortable, that's why I find it so easy to talk about.'Worthing Hospital declined to comment.

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Emily Georgia, 20, from East Preston, Sussex, was enjoying a sex session with a male partner when a four-inch sex toy ended up lost inside her.

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I know you guys are always checking out the women at work.

I sure hope you are and that if I worked with you that you might feel compelled to flirt with me.Emily Georgia, 20, from Worthing, had to have surgery to remove a four-inch stainless steel sex toy from her bottom in March.